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Suuri Holding wants to be valued as an important customer. We aim to build relationships with our suppliers based on fairness and mutual respect leading to the optimization of the shared value chain.

Corporate Procurement

Progress at high level is our motor in how we make and how we deliver our products and services.

The commitment of Suuri Holding to its customers ensures that our product range is enhanced by innovative research and development at the cutting edge of cement and concrete technology.

To find out more about the supply relationships of Suuri Holding please refer to companies listed below:

  • Налгар түшиг ХХК
  • Ялгуусан ХХК
  • N.S.G Ньюстартгүүд ХХК
  • Цоросжамбаа ХХК
  • Металл опт ХХК
  • Молор Эрдэнэ ХХК

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